We specialize in background reports and due diligence investigations, and would be happy to talk to you about your needs.

  • As people with disabilities, we are especially interested in assisting others with disabilities and the elderly who are employing personal care assistants minimize the risks they take when going through the hiring process by offering pre-employment and post-hire background checks.
  • We offer law firms and small businesses due diligence investigations for informed decision-making and risk assessment.
  • For job-seekers and privacy-oriented individuals, we offer Personal Background Checks.

Looking for someone or something? We do locates!

  • For law firms and insurance companies, we can find witnesses and defunct businesses.
  • We love reunions! If you have ever wanted to find a family member or childhood friend you lost touch with over the years, or are looking for family members or biological family members you’ve never met, we would love to help.

Accessibility consultations for businesses: we will conduct on-site visits to identify areas for improvement in order to make your business more welcoming and accommodating for people with disabilities. We evaluate potential issues such as building entrances and exits, signage, parking, and bathroom facilities, providing you with a comprehensive report to help you gain more customers by welcoming those with disabilities.

Security consultations for businesses and residences: we will conduct on-site visits to evaluate existing security systems and identify potential areas for improvement. We also offer a presentation for workplace safety and security, applicable to worksites and for workers who travel off-site, such as home care assistants.

We have an extensive network of talented and experienced colleagues. If you’re looking for a service we can’t provide, we are happy to refer you to someone we trust to get you the answers you need.