Roadside drug screening tests are routinely unreliable.

Drug screening tests used in the field by police are inexpensive and haven’t changed much since the early 1970s, despite their lack of reliability and increased improvements to forensic testing methods. Screening tests are named for what they do: they attempt to exclude a result, but they can’t confirm a result. They can tell you what a substance is NOT, but they cannot tell you what a substance actually is. Cobalt thiocyanate, a screening test … [read more]

Avoiding Identity Theft and Maintaining Privacy

Here are just a few suggestions for decreasing the possibility of being a victim of identity theft. While nothing is foolproof, there are many things you can do to help make it more difficult for someone to obtain your information. Be selective about the companies with whom you share information. You do not need to give your phone number at the register when shopping. If they insist, provide the old number for 411: (your local … [read more]

Craigslist Scams

Here at Faer Forensic Investigations, we love our used office furniture. Not only does it keep our costs low, allowing us to pass this savings to our clients, but it’s good for the environment. The days of newspaper-based classifieds seem to be fading away, so our used purchases often come from websites like Craigslist. Unfortunately, scammers like to use these sites, as well. We’ve seen some doozies! Here are some things to keep in mind … [read more]


Phishing is a way to obtain sensitive information by pretending to be someone authorized to get that information. Examples of phishing include emails using a well-known bank’s logo, the logo of popular social media sites, or government agencies. These emails often suggest your account has been compromised or needs to be verified, and ask you to click a link or call a phone number to provide the requested information (such as account numbers, social security … [read more]